Words of Radiance - Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
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Solid, is the writing.
The characters rarely grow.
So immature, wrong decisions, do show.
I know the story, I hear the story, yet it doesn't really flow.
What is the point with the shards, the drawing, the stones?
They can fly in the air, and have sprines as shadows.
They keep secrets, but are handy only when the author says so.
Where this story is going, I do not know.
Hopefully, it gets there faster, rather than slow.

by Nikki

Thought I'd change it up a bit. Someone asked me for a poetical review. I'm rusty, but here it is.

The one thing I dislike about audiobooks is that I have not found a vocabulary list to know how to spell the names and whatnot. Minor, but irritating.

This author is reaching. Both of the books could have been shortened. The author keeps expanding on the world-building and THEN throws in a little something for the characters. For instance, Shallan's backstory should have popped up a lot sooner and maybe that would have helped the reader connect with her in some way. Instead, it had me wonder if the girl was crazy for going through all that to save someone who can't be saved (I don't want to spoil anything).

And, poor Kaladan still does not know where he stands in the world. All he knows is that he needs to protect someone and fight, thus he is the hero of this tale. Sometimes strong, sometimes weakened by circumstance. He has a hard time convincing the reader of his role.

We do learn more about the Mythology of the world Brandon has built, but it is not nearly enough and it was way past due.

It was free and I always like to see if an author improves. Every piece of work can't be a masterpiece. Book two was a little better.

This story gets 2 Broken Shards

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