Zombies and Shit

Zombies and Shit - Carlton Mellick III This is only my second foray into the mind of Carlton Mellick lll and it won't be my last. The development of the characters was an amazing treat. Some, of course, were more interesting than others. Oro, the genius, didn't really add anything significant to the story and I felt like speeding through his part. Scavy (my favorite character), Popcorn, Rainbow, and a few others carried the plot from the first page to the last. There was a guest star, Mr. T 2000, who was upper-cutting enemies Mortal Kombat (Jax?) style. Go-Go was a very extreme character who some might not want to read about as she gets down and dirty with the dead. Scavy was one lucky mo-fo and Heinz was relentless in his Aryan agenda even with death looming over him. The character Nemy, maybe because she was actually Nemesis, seemed like a knock-off character of one of my favorite movies, Resident Evil.

The writing was above par except for a few mistakes I found. On one page Scavy had a mohawk that was burned off and a few pages later his adversary was grabbing him by said mohawk. The pacing was steady, however, my interest waned at the midway point, but picked back up again. This may have been due to the fact that I didn't feel like the story was progressing. Things were happening, yes. But not to the point where is was a race, which is what I thought would be everyone's motivation: to win and get out fast.

I really wish this read would have had more zombie action mixed in with the kill-your-competitors theme as a reader can only takes so much character-overload without some mindlessness to break up the back-stories.

Having said all that, Carlton's Zombies and Shit was an unrestrained, excessively extreme, don't-read-this-section-because-you-can't-unread-it bizarro gore-fest.

A good story? Yes. Recommended? Only to seasoned bizarro readers who don't mind the no-no's.

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