Damnation 101

Damnation 101 - Kevin Sweeney,  Sean Ferrari,  Jesse Wheeler 1.5 stars Wavering between "Okay" and "Didn't Like"

I've read Ed Lee, Wrath White, and many other hardcore horror writers and somehow they made me "okay" with what I was reading and used the depravity in such a way that I was able to get something out of the story.

In Damnation 101 the author starts off talking about Harry Potter and that idea stuck in my head while reading the book and I was able to see, whether real or imagined, a lot of similar things in this story. Maybe the author would have been better off not mentioning that name whether that's where the ideas came from or not.

Humans believed in the wrong thing and they actually go to hell when they die. Hell is running out of torturers so they induct a human to see if they will work. In hell, kids have to learn too. It's not hard to imagine the flip side of doing things. Humans heal, they kill. We love, they hate. The kids must pass their classes of torture and death.

This read starts out with ball-busting and a "daddy rapes son" scene. This is a warning. It leaves a dull feeling inside. There is no levity, no reasoning, just one of the students wanting to pass a class and degrade the victims. I kept reading and the story didn't change my mind or lighten up.

That set the tone for the rest of the book. It went from one extreme to another without any break for the reader. Bizarro doesn't have to be laugh-out-loud funny, but there definitely needs to be varying plots points and at least one character that the reader can be disgusted with or root for.

This read was not for me and it wasn't the extreme-ness of the read, it was the execution.

The stories at the end were the best.