Old Flames, Burned Hands

Old Flames, Burned Hands - Tim McGregor 2 1/2 Stars

Tilda and Gil were madly in love. On one fateful night Tilda's life is wrecked when a car accident leaves Gil dead and Tilda with broken bones and a shattered wrist. She descends into a depression that takes her a while to come out of, mourning the loss of her other half.
Years later, Tilda's gotten married to Shane and they have a teenage daughter. Tilda's still working on her music in her spare time and attending gigs when she can. After a less than spectacular show Tilda realizes she's not as current as the up-and-comers and the chance of her making a comeback at 40 years old is slim to none.
To help pay the bills and get out of debt, Tilda decides to sell off her guitars and equipment, but before she gets rid of everything she plays a special song written for her first love, awakening a connection that should have stayed dead.

The read started out a little slow for me with the day-to-day dealings and Tilda's moodiness. I didn't connect with Tilda on a womanly or motherly level which made it hard for me to understand her actions and genuinely care about her outcome.
I felt bad for Shane. He was a supportive husband and I could feel his love for her with his actions. The same could not be said of Tilda. It was almost as if she just accepted her lot in life and whether she was happy mattered not.
I'm not a fan of cheating and the circumstances which led to this and the person it was done with was inconceivable to me after she found out who and what he was.
The paranormal element was interesting and I wish it had consumed more of the book.
This is a dark, almost despairingly sad affair, and I think that made the read not as hard-hitting as it should have been. There was no light at the end of the tunnel and the characters really had no hope. There was nothing to root for and the ending was bittersweet. the writing was good, the characters and I just didn't mesh. My thoughts are conflicted.

A semi-solid tale.