Texas Pride

Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander I've lived to entertain everyone else.
Now I want to entertain myself.
I've lived another's life on screen.
Now I want to live my own dream.
I created a facade that's left me bereft.
My days are my own, my nights are what's left.
I want to see the light instead of the darkness I felt.
To be free can be scary when you go it alone.
Maybe we can grow together, our foundation like stone.

by Nikki

The read starts out with a guy in the closet, then this closeted man has fantasies about another closeted man who, throughout the book, always doubts the relationship. I never felt them click as a couple and the love story was weak. The secondary players were boring or trite. Found a few errors. A simple wanna-be cowboy tale that I just didn't feel. Just an alright read.