Shotgun Gravy

Shotgun Gravy - Chuck Wendig Why do you hate me?

Why do you try to put me down every chance you get?
Do you see something in me you'll never be?
Why do you talk about the color of my skin?
Repeating America's past sins.
Why do you like to hold me down?
Pretending to be your dad knocking your mom around.
Why do you drink all alone?
Drowning out sorrows you're too weak to own.
Why do you yell, scream, hate?
Erasing my future, changing my fate.

I don't hate you.

I feel sorrow for you, I do.
For what you do to me.
Will be done unto you.
It may not be tomorrow.
It might not be for years.
Hell will come for you
and I won't shed one tear.

by Nikki

At the heart, this story is about violence and the lengths Atlanta went to to stop something bad from happening to her. From then on other teens look to her for guidance. It's funny how one person can think a book unrealistic and another can think it's the fictionalized story of their life. A worthy serial read~