Ash Street

Ash Street - Lee Thomas The house is ash, but the dead remain.
What they seek, shall be explained.
Through torture and rape they wept and mourned,
their life before this unexpected storm.
The killer's consumed the victim's pain,
recorded the deeds, fame they gained.
However, they did not act alone.
A spirit named Andy was king of that throne.
He took on their features to cause despair.
He whispered dark secrets to make you care.
He pointed a finger and laid the blame.
Life taken blindly, more souls he did claim.
For Andy is more angry than most.
He needs you, for he is a ghost.

by Nikki

Wavering between 2 and 3 Stars

The prologue had me expecting a great read, but I was soon disillusioned of that notion. A man burns down a house that has seen terrible crimes which sets things in motion. The supposed ghosts of the victims are free to roam and go back to their loved ones. The loved ones start getting killed one by one and...and nothing really. A little mystery ensues,if you can even call it that. This story was missing action. The characterization was good although there may have been to many. Or the author just spent too much time with them. The writing is solid, but this read was not as tight as it needed to be to get the full impact of what was happening. Maybe, it's just me and reading novellas, but I really felt this read needed to be trimmed down. The ending...well, I didn't care for it as there was really no resolution.