You can only keep up the charade for so long.
A closet can only hold so many secrets.
The baggage you carry will eventually wear you down.
What's in the rear-view is closer than it appears.
The past has a way of effecting your future.
A cut will scab and eventually heal.
Open yourself up.
You can't escape it.
Be real.

By Nikki (add to later?)

5 Stars - Scabs - Malik is a guy who couldn't let go of the taunting he received as a youngster for being black.

4 Stars - No Pain - A guy feels no pain ends up working in a circus and becomes a monster.

3 Stars - Perdition's Flame- Aborted kids never forget.

4 Stars- Perpetual Motion- Took me a minute to figure out what the point of all these women were.

4 Stars - Run Away- Your past catches up to you.

5 Stars- Best Friends - A really good story.

2 Stars- Pressure -A torture story.

3 Stars- Talent Does What It Can - Keep playing that music...or else.