1.5 stars
This lady was really nice and answered my questions earlier this evening, but I gotta be real.

First off, the story was told to me, for me, and with not a care for my interpretation. Did ya get that? If not, read it again. You will. This could have easily taken place on a porch with two men in rocking chairs bickering over whose art is more original, transcending, mind-bending. Throw in some kids who live/are trapped in the basement in the dark with no way out and an art fanatic who would love to be a part of it...and ta-dow! You've got Children of No One. I GOT the story. The getting just wasn't that good. It was weird. There was just too much dialogue for a place of Nothing. Way too much. There was no mystery because we knew who was keeping the kids and why and if escape was possible or not. Poor things were like hamsters on a wheel and you know where those go. Where was the horror? There was none. There was no element of surprise or dismay that made you gasp with incredulity. I was let down by the simplicity of the characters and plot. It just wasn't for me~