Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds - S.E. Jakes Mal and Cillian are operatives working toward a goal: find the traitor and eliminate him at any cost. Neither man knows which side the other is on. In a game of cat and mouse, one man will land on top.

From my vantage point, that man is Cillian. Although he's been dominated by the mysterious man, he knows when to let go.

Mal on the other hand, has been in control so long he doesn't know any other way, but his way.

Two powerful men. One dangerous mission. Where will the case lead them?

Let me start off by saying there is a cliffhanger. An abrupt end to a not so thrilling read is not a good thing.

As with most short stories, it's hard to inject a certain realism into the writing which I found to be the case with Dirty Deeds.

The lust was there, but I wasn't really feeling the passion that would make me want to become invested in their outcome.

I don't know if I would continue the series at this point. It was just an okay read for me.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*