The King: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

The King - J.R. Ward 2.4 Stars

I didn't NOT enjoy it. I'm just coming to grips with how Ward has switched lanes with her writing. I'm still not done mourning for her original paranormal romances that I fell in love with, where the Brothers did their crime fighting, but the story mainly revolved around one central couple.

We haven't been getting that in the last few books. I'm cool with change, but to me, it hasn't been for the better. Each book is like a soap and multiple couples get major screen time and the story doesn't get anywhere.

Mari and Assail?! I could care less about them. In what way did they make the Brotherhood any better? They didn't. I thought their parts were senseless and pure fluffer.

Beth and Wrath. Well, Wrath was an angry dick who just happens to decide he wants to actually be King after being totally incompetent. Why would we listen to him bitch and moan if the conclusion was going to be this one. Beth, the situation, and all they went through , was basically for nothing.

Xcor, after putting up a helluva run, just up and said it's over. Let Wrath be. Whatthehell? I feel like the author wasted my time.

Yes, I jones for the B Boys, but they aren't giving me anything these days. More and more characters get added, and for what? To what purpose at this point? What happened to the Powder Puffs the B Boys were fighting?

And once again, what the hell is up with all the slang? Totally pulls me out of the story when I have to figure out how to say a word. That's taking street/urban to a whole other level.

Just Blah~