Of A Feather

Of A Feather - Ken Goldman 4.5 Stars

At an Indian traveling bird-show, young Socrates Singer learns of the Wakinyan bird mask which represents the duality of life. The one who wears the Wakinyan mask may be a protector or a thing of vengeance. Normally, Indians of a certain tribe possess this supernatural power.

Plagued by mysterious dreams Socrates' gift appears at a critical time in his life when he's coming into his own. Thunderbird, an evil spirit, is thriving on Socrates' emotions. He'll have to decide whether this new-found power will be used for good or ill. Power can be a heady thing, causing good people to make bad choices.

From Frankie the bully, Kiki the bird, to Socrates' sister, Dorie, Ken has created a cast of realistic characters who are as endearing as some are frightful. It's easy to relate to them as they face tragedy and the pains of growing up.

The pacing was almost perfect and I greedily consumed this read in two sittings.

I recommend this for anyone who loves a good tale as Ken seems to be a true storyteller.

I will definitely try another read by Mr. Goldman.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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