Bite Me

Bite Me - Shelly Laurenston Livy is a badger, a lonely soul who doesn't fit in with her thieving family. Badgers burrow and dig, always a handy talent when you need to get in and out unnoticed. Livy likes photography where she can be behind the camera, but her family is not supportive and Livy seems to have lost her passion.

Enter laid back Vic Barinov, the hybrid grizzly bear/tiger who gets riled up by Livy's tendency to burrow into his home and eat all his honey. Grrr.
He notices her more than he should and with the death of her father and her having to deal with her crazy family, Livy seems to be more withdrawn than normal. Vic doesn't understand why he's not irritated by Livy and her antics and decides to step in to be the foundation she needs to build herself back up again.

I really liked Vic from his first appearance and even more so by the end of the book. He was caring and more compassionate than I thought his character would be seeing as he's part tiger. That side is dormant though. Sigh.

Livy was funny and first. I even liked it when she started getting physical, but the more she let her animal side show, the more I became disinterested in her. I thought there was too much violence (badgers need love too) and moping from her and that it was all a little excessive.

I really wish the focus would have stayed more on Livy and Vic instead of the many secondary characters that seemed to be inserted to take up space.

Still, it was a good addition to the Pride universe.

*I was provided and NetGalley Arc in exchange for an honest review*

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