Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone - Christine Warren Ella's got powers she's trying to keep under wraps, but a run-in with a creep named Stephen outside of the museum where she works accidentally awakens a gargoyle, Kees, who is sent to protect humans from the darkness.
Ella knows nothing of the Guardians who protect humans from the Order of Nocturnal Darkness (the nocturnis) who are trying to unite the Seven who will bring darkness upon the earth.
Kees needs to connect with the Guild of Wardens to find out what is going on and how an untrained magic user awakened him. When they arrive at his Warden's place they not only find out that he is dead, but that the darkness had something to do with it.
Kees and Ella set out to discover all they can, but they don't have much to go on. The Guardians are in hiding and the nocturnis are taking them out one-by-one whenever they make an appearance.

The plot of this story was seriously lacking. Twists and foreshadowing were practically non-existent .There was almost no progress from the beginning of the story to the end. It was simple: bad guys want to kill guardians so evil will be unleashed on the world and only Ella and Kees are able to do so at the time.

I thought Ella was going to be an interesting and snappy heroine, but instead she was a passive-aggressive whiner. She was on Kees' heels so tough that the guy would leave the room, not that he was any better with his denial of having any feelings for her. He would constantly call her "little human" and others which bothered me. Still, Ella was very persistent even when he humiliated her on different occasions. This did not make for a believable romance whatsoever.

The intensity and descriptions of the sex scenes didn't fit with the rest of the story. There was no smoldering, simmering passion that you would usually expect before a couple actually seal the deal.

I was disappointed with this read and cannot recommend it. It didn't have enough characterization or plot devices to sustain a novella, let alone a novel.

*I was given a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*