Time Pimp

Time Pimp - Garrett Cook Is there such as thing as smart bizarro? You haven't heard of it? Well, we'll assume Garrett just created it. You gotta use your mind, man, if you plan on getting engulfed in this super-intelligent, super-fun, pimptastically playeristic read right here!

Welcome to Netzach. The land where your fantasies can can be fulfilled...for a price.
Time Pimp is one smooth ass playa, going where his shoes tell him. He's all about pleasing his Clients so he can get paid. In Netzach a freaky sex function that includes some major historical players takes place, but Time Pimp doesn't get paid and his player card is about to be revoked.
His brother, Death Pimp, wants to be the only pimp and plans are set in motion to do just that. Death Pimp must recruit the Haters if he's to have any hope of pulling this off.
Time Pimp may be down, but he's not out.
Pimp fights ensue with lots of backslaps. Time Pimp must learn the true power of love and hate. Nobody said pimping was easy.

It took me a minute to shut down the buttoned-up side of my brain to really enjoy the story as the beginning seemed to not flow as well as the second half, which was perfect. Be sure to read this when you are in the mood for a strangely comical story or you will be doing yourself and this book a disservice~

"This read is a brain-blender, mixing your mind with some seasoned pimp juice."

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review*