Bumping Noses and Cherry Pie

Bumping Noses and Cherry Pie - Charie D. La Marr I was going to say a little about each story as this author deserves all the accolades one could bestow upon her. *Pause*

Custody - The Orosco Family poodle is very talented and performs in the circus. The poodle is raped in front of the audience by a competing circus mutt. The Orosco's take it to court to see what can be done.

Dalton Stickles Joins the Rodeo - ...or not

El Raton - Santiago, the contortionist, performs the circus wank.

First of May - Newcomers to the circus must work their way up. Deedles doesn't like the attention Pixy is getting and decides to put her in her place.

Fredo the Fish - Bernard got job at Ocean World for the summer while taking a break from school as a MIT enginner student and it ruined his life.

Hocus Pokeher - A magic act gone wrong.

Houdini, Clown Shoes and The Book of the Dead - A time travel story.

Little Darcy Sings to Children - Satanic music kills

Sealina and the Seal - Tino wants Sonya as a lover, but the seal she trains comes between them.

Smoke and Mirrors - The Funhouse isn't fun for everyone.

Sur le Cirque - A beast without his beauty.

Tarot Cards, Elephant Spunk, and Cotton Candy - The Ringmaster is nothing without his voice. De-balled.

The Battle of Showgirls - Two females battle it out for the top spot.

The Circus Waffles Go to the Big Top - Ghetto trailer-parkers go to the circus. Crazy!

5 stars - The Clowns Go Down - Clown attack. This is a story for those who were ever scared by a clown.

5 Stars - The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze - Francois doesn't perform as fluid in the bedroom as he does in the air. Maybe he should keep the acrobatics to a minimum.


Okay, so I wasn't that lazy after all. There are more stories, but I feel this is enough to get an idea of what's in store for you.

This read is about the weird, the misunderstood, magic, madness, acceptance, knowing who you are, and where you want to be - amongst other things.

It took me a minute to acclimate myself to the "circuspunk" style. It was awkward at first, figuring out if it was supposed to be funny or gross, or just weird. Around the 3rd story I just read with no expectations and the stories made their own kind of sense. I laughed, I nodded, I sympathized. It was utterly refreshing reading something so new and unique.

I'd suggest everyone give this read a try. It was the perfect blend of genres and there's sure to be a story just for you.

Fantastic job, Charie!

*I was given a copy of this read in exchange for a honest review*

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