The Crow: Curare

The Crow: Curare - Antoine Dode, James O'Barr Joe Salk is a down and out cop. After failing to find the killer of a little girl, Joe becomes suicidal and his life spirals out of control; losing his family and his badge.
Some time later, the little girl returns as a ghost with her friend, The Crow, who can talk. She begs Joe not to forget her and offers her help to find and exact revenge on the perpetrator he couldn't find. Redemption is possible.
The drawings captured my interest, but I felt like I was missing some background information, like an integral part of the story was missing to make me fully comprehend Joe, the killer, and the little girl. Joe was enraged all the time and some of his actions didn't make sense, or were over the top. The conversations he had with the ghost girl seemed inappropriate to me, seeing as she was still acting like a little girl, but yet he was talking to her like a grown-up.
This story fell short for me. It was an okay read.