Trickster (The Ustari Cycle)

Trickster - Jeff Somers Blood, Words, and Power

In it lies power.
A power untold.
Words do wonders.
Which ones are wove?
With a blade or knife I nick.
Extinguishing life in a flick.
More blood bled, stronger indeed.
More bodies will fall before I succeed.
There is power, then there is greed.
I need.
I need.
To Bleed.

by Nikki

These characters were losers, bottom of the totem pole, down and out magic users. I'm all for blood magic, cussing, and all sorts of nasty things, but when you can't connect with the main characters, something is wrong. The Renfield (surprised he didn't eat bugs), Mags, was the muscle with no brains which, I am finding, I do not like. Lem, the MC, had a rule to only use his own blood for any magics he practiced. Hello? Is anybody home? The bad guys have homeless dudes bleeding for them, you plan to stick to your one good moral. Um, nope.

And the ending. Really?!? There was no reward for the reader. There was no prize behind the curtain. There was a big, fat, to-be-continued.

I wasn't feeling this read. Maybe I wasn't in the mood.