Lilith - Toby Tate 3.5 stars

Take notes people. This is how you are supposed to make a book un-put-down-able; SHORT CHAPTERS! It catches you, leaves a little mystery. Boom. Next pages reveals a huge plot point, but that's not all. End of Chapter. See. Now I can make a quick potty break and rush back to see what's going to happen next. You know what? I don't need no sleep, I'll just read this next chapter really quick. Oh, shoot. That one was quick. Well...just one more then.

And so on and so forth.

Hunter and his wife Lisa board a navy ship as one of the media groups sent to report its capabilities. All goes well until a freak storm starts heading their way and the need for them to dock becomes a priority. However, docking the ship will cause more damage than the incoming storm.

Lilith needed to get on the ship to implement her plan of destruction, masquerading as a fellow news-person. She's on a different mission though. She infects the other passengers with a parasite that allows her to control them and get the information she needs. Another passenger discovers her motives and the race is on to stop her from causing an apocalyptic scenario; killing all humans and repopulating the earth with the Lilitu bloodline.

The read started out at a steady pace. When the action started to build I was hard-pressed to put this book down. It was James Rollins with a dollop of the paranormal. There were a few unbelievable moments like when Gabe crept in and helped Hunter and Lilith didn't notice. She has just been ruminating on her powers of heightened hearing. That was a little off. There were two or three of these moments, but the momentum of the story doesn't let you dwell on these for long.

A fun, fast, and entertaining read.

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