The Killing Kind

The Killing Kind - John Connolly ~I liked this read a lot although I was not as interested as I was in the two previous books. It may be due to the fact that I read them in quick succession.

~Charlie has chilled out on the whole 'tracking down killers' theme and he's been living the somewhat boring, but stable life of a P.I. and spending time with his love, Rachel.

He's pushed to look into a girl's murder and he commiserates with the dead girl's father so he grudgingly accepts his role.

The girl was studying a religious community and its members. However, she may have delved into the history too far and there are people willing to do anything to keep her story and what transpired a secret.

~There was a lot of back-story that may or may not have been needed that messed up/slowed down the pacing. Something thrilling would happen and the author would have a "cool down' moment by giving us a written piece by the deceased.

~A good read. I'm seeing the formula and need to change up my reading for a bit.