Every Dead Thing

Every Dead Thing - John Connolly I was taken from this world too soon.
No sun, no light, no moon.
With each beat my heart does break.
No peace you felt at my wake.
I pray you do not seek me soon.
Where there is no sun, no light, no moon.

by Nikki

I enjoyed this thinking read of a man whose wife and daughter were killed in an awful way and how he was steadfast in his resolution to find the killer. In his quest he also has the help of some interesting friends and many more murders and twist are unveiled in his search.
The only downside was the author's tendency to introduce characters and back-story in lengthy detail every time someone/something came up. Reminded me of Dick Tracy or something when that happened, like it should be a voice-over section. I will be reading more in this series because it was gritty, entertaining, and I felt like I got my monies worth.