Kin - Kealan Patrick Burke 3.5 Stars
These hillbilly type folks have misconstrued the Word of God for their own good and want to be rid of the people of the world by raping, killing, and eating them. The author does a great job of letting you into the minds of the characters and you come to feel for them, whether it be compassion, scorn, or any other emotion of your choosing. The story lost some of its great pacing when Beau and Finch entered the picture. I didn't t really care for them and their war conversations as I felt they were a distraction from the atrocities that they were setting out to avenge. Also there was a part where Beau called the survivor and said everything was taken care of, but it wasn't because Luke and his father were still out and about.

The writing itself is very original and flows with a certain knowing intelligence. I will be checking out more of this authors' work in the future.