Going Monstering

Going Monstering - Edward Lee Wow. Let's just say that this read was unbelievably boring. This book did not freak me out, nor were there any stomach clenching gag moments even with all the licking of unwashed ass-cracks and dirty dicks. This read was like a teen who gets to cuss for the first time and puts a whole bunch of cuss words together in a string of unintelligible syllables. Edward thought of dirty stuff you wish you could make your worst enemy/boss do to debase themselves and threw it all together for our supposed entertainment. I was NOT entertained. Wanna play a game of "Guess what this book is about?" This book was full of Old Manning, Bumming, Kenneling, Rednecking, Chimping, Fathering, and Monstering. (hint-if you know what sexing is, you can guess all of the above) So disappointed.