Nightfall (A Dark Age Dawning Novel)

Nightfall - Ellen Connor Another paranormal romance that should have been full out fantasy. Here's the gist. It has been foretold that the end of this age will end and creatures will come out. Insert Mason, ex-military, who has promised Mr. barclay that he would protect his daughter at all costs. Insert Jenna, the daughter who is then kidnapped by Mason when the creatures are starting to move farther along the coast. From here there will be incomplete sentences. She mad he kidnap her. He don't care. They have magical connection. Can hear each other's thoughts. Stragglers come to the cabin they are hiding in. Jenna let's them in. Mason don't like that. The newly formed group fight the creatures that were once human and form a sort of friendship. Jenna and Mason have this sexual episode and certain feelings are felt. Jenna gets bit. Mason cries. Jenna turns into wolf and protects Mason. They fall in love. Mason get bit and is sad, but as long as they are mated/bonded this messed up world will have one shining light. Ummmmmm....no. Sorry, i can't recommend this read and will not be continuing this series.