The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know - Mike Carey 2 1/2 stars

Felix Castor exorcises ghosts. At least he used to, until he binds a demon to one of his closest friends causing him to be locked in a facility. He lives with his other friend Pen. A case comes along just at the right time and he takes it. He doesn't think too hard about where they go, as long as they go. However, this case makes him figure out what exactly happened to the ghost who turns from an "it" to a "she" in his mind. I think this is a turning point for him.

Well, let just say that this story didn't flow to my tempo. The main character has some flaws that effect himself and those around him in a most troubling manner. He lies to get what he wants and damn the consequences. Even though he's not out to make friends, that not an admirable quality.

The haunting of this particular ghost had its moments, but the main character running around through the building and over-talking with the employees took away from the spook factor and the potential thrill a reader could receive from the haunting and the appearance of disreputable characters beating him up.

The way he soothed/exorcised the ghosts was different, but flimsy and was not handy as noted when the succubus was doing her thing and then later when he had a trip and fall accident.

Will most likely try another in this series to see if this was a case of the "first book blues."