Kushiel's Dart

Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey I am cursed to find pleasure in pain.
Secrets of the kingdom I do obtain.
Whispered when they think I sleep.
I can hear them though, my breathing deep.
They use me for what I can give.
Dominance over me. This is what I live.
All because of a mote in my eye.
Servant of Naamah.
I live.
I serve.
I die.

by Nikki

4 1/2 Stars

The beginning started out a little rocky for me, with the introduction to new characters.
I feel like a stubborn child when starting a new read and the author has to take me by the hand and introduce me to this new world I am to live in until the story is finished. I want to quit, roll my eyes, throw my hands in the air, find no pleasure in it. But as soon a I find my place in it all, the hardship it caused my mind to think and understand things that weren't natural to my way of thinking, the story grabs me and starts to flow and I find myself reading easier and more fluidly, careless as to which direction it will go, only knowing I want to get there.

For some reason that point came as soon as she left Cereus House.

I have finished one of my monstrously big reads of the summer and I am proud of myself and of Carey for being able to carry me through her entire read with curiosity of what was to come.

I loved it. I read some reviews that said they weren't into barbarian kink and called Phedre a slut amongst other things. That is their world and I have to question whether they read the book or the blurb before they bought it. And still she was a slave. Delauney was just one of the nicer 'owners' and let Phedre and Alcuin choose their own contracts. She did not want to be with the Skaldi, but did what she must to survive and in doing so, she learned about being taken without permission and she realized that even though she was a servant, she was a pampered one and people in other cultures lived their lives by different rules.

I will definitely read the next in the series as I must know more of Hyacinthe and the she-devil.