Magic's Pawn (The Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 1)

Magic's Pawn - Mercedes Lackey ***************** Possible spoilers********************

Vanyel is pretty boy who prefers music over fighting. His father is constantly pushing him to man up. Seeing that his methods are not working, he sends V off to his sister, Savil, who trains magic users. Vanyel is utterly depressing and wears his arrogance as a shield to let no one affect him. At the school he meets a Mage named Tylendel, who sees V for who he really is and they fall madly in love. From there it's like Romeo and Juliet (except Juliet is now Julius). This read was really melodramatic, with lots of crying, and wrist slashing. I thought this read would be more magically inclined, but instead I got a romance that was bittersweet. The definition of the Mages and what they do and why was not explained enough. Although the writing was fluid, the story did not go along like the blurbs said, and was therefore, disappointing. Just an alright, okay read.