Genital Grinder

Genital Grinder - Ryan Harding It thrives in the wilds of nether regions
Looking for a place to grow its lesions.
In your cells do they multiply and grow.
Eating away the flesh below.
Sometime they burrow,
in the furrow of your hair.
Maybe you can spot them in your underwear.
The moist condition causes them to flourish and sow.
You can feel them thriving, itching to go.
They like to travel from friend to foe.
Lay in your bed,
Rest on your pillow.

by Nikki

Wild foreword from Edward Lee about grossness.

2 1/2 stars~Bottom Feeder was decent. Mainly about fat chicks and how they roll (hee-hee). Hopefully, one never dies while on top.

3 stars~Damaged Goods was nasty

3 stars~Sharing Needles had a cool ending

3 stars~G Grinder- Real Ed Lee Gross out shit

2 stars-Development- Not for me

3 stars-G Grinder 2. a continuation of previous grossness.

2 stars- Final Indications-not for me

Even though the foreword from Lee pretty much said Harding isn't writing gross for the sake of being gross, I'd have to say that didn't ring true. Eating penises and licking diseased crotches is not a fun or spectacular thing. In essence, it is gross.

That being said, it was still good (for lack of a better word).