Flood Plains

Flood Plains - Mark Wheaton 1.5 Stars
The writing is decent, but it's bloated, not engaging enough for this type of read. I've got a creature like the Blob (sludge, oily substance, tentacled worm thing) that tosses, cuts like a whip, burns, and eats people which sounds great, right? It would be if I didn't get sentences like this: Something's got my foot caught on something! Says the man getting attacked. Real scary and intense...Not. It doesn't even sound right. Well I skimmed and skipped to find out what happened to who and this author was not afraid to kill off his cast of characters. This book played out like a B-low budget movie and I have to say I didn't like it. I would have stopped at the 10% point if I wasn't one of those people that's tries to finish things. And the ending was...Not For Me~