What Binds Us

What Binds Us - Larry  Benjamin 2.5 Stars

This piece of fiction (not really romance) started of really superficial as we delved into the day to day, week to week, year to year, events of these friends and lovers (no on screen loving). The details could be easily overlooked, such as T willingness to not "see" certain aspect of D and his really irresponsible ways, D's family, his attitude changes, and Matthews' easy acceptance, due to us readers wanting to get to the good parts. I really don't know why L kept popping up after he left, but it did nothing for the story in my opinion. More than half the book stayed in "Okay" territory for me until D's condition became apparent and the nurse lady was talking to him about hope, and that death is the absence of hope. D said he had no hope and the nurse said, "then you're already dead"(not exact quoting, I already deleted it). I admit I got choked up during this part and the end. I guess I could recommend it, but with the warning that, for me, I always felt at a distance. Like I couldn't connect with the characters.