Blood Soaked and Contagious

Blood Soaked and Contagious - James  Crawford Well, damn! I just read the rec the author gave for this book and if I would have known it was dialogue driven I wouldn't have started it. I have the tendency to NOT read the blurbs as they sometimes spoil the story for me. So this is my view.

I didn't like it and I'mma tell you why.
There was hella hee-hee-hawing going on and it just didn't fly.
I'm all for snarky, but there must be a limit.
At times I thought the main character was a duh-duh-dimwit.
This story mixes genres; horror, comedy, sci-fi.
I've got to wonder if the story would have done better on a more serious side.
This read should be taken lightly, with a grain of salt.
I didn't care for it, it's not the author's fault.

~A snarky comment~
(The MC is overly saucy/snarky and he jokes too freaking much. (you have to say this next part real fast to get the full effect) Way over the top kung-fu, snap-pu, love you boo-boo, I can do jujitsu, I'm too cool for school, zombies don't rule, I want you, but I don't know what to do, sex me and I sex you. You're my friend, but I'll kill you if I need to, grab a tissue. *whew* Took my breath saying all that! LOL)

The writing itself was good, but too much talking/dialogue are a peeve of mine and this read didn't stand a chance. Not for me~