Vegan Vampire Vaginas by Wol-vriey

Vegan Vampire Vaginas - Wol-vriey

Tom has been pulled into a different dimension after a blow-job gone wrong. Tom wakes to this new world with a vagina on his hand, no memory of who he is, wanted for stealing a crap-load of money from the wrong people and having sex with a married woman.

Can Tom get his memory back in order to survive tentacled vaginas, eaters, the king, a crazy dominatrix, and vegan vampires? Will he find out the story of the vagina on his palm?

For some reason I've found other Wol-vriey reads to be hard to understand or I just didn't get them. That's not the case with this one.

Even with all the extreme-ness of this sex and bodily function-fueled read, the scenarios and situations written within these pages held a story, folks, with an actual honest-to-goodness plot! This is one of a handful of bizarro reads that I've read recently that did not appear to be thrown together for gore and grossness' sake. *Insert Applause*

Don't get me wrong, this read is offensively improper and I should have worn a condom for my brain, but I survived.  For those that like to push boundaries and have a fascination or obsession with va-jay-jays, give it a go. You might just like it. (That sounded dirty didn't it? Well, it is a dirty read. *wink*)

An overly imaginative 3 1/2 star read.