The Shadows by J. R. Ward

The Shadows - J.R. Ward

Did you happen to notice that the use of slang was toned down? I did.

It was a relief to not have to run to the urban dictionary to find out what the Brothers were saying. Thanks for that. I wasn't expecting much from this book as her previous books were not going anywhere and they focused on one too many characters. In this one, she did well.


This story is mainly about iAm, Selena, and Trez. Trez's whole life has been lived with the knowledge that, whether he likes it or not, he will be wedded to the Queen's daughter.


iAm, his twin, has been the strong shoulder Trez could always lean on. iAm understands his brother's motives and the sacrifices he must make so, he does everything in his power to help his brother and the woman he has fallen in love with.

Selena is sick and Trez wants to give her the world while she's still able to enjoy it.


Will the Queen call early to collect her due? What will iAm do when there is no one else to protect?


Ward digs a little deeper in this read, bringing emotion, longing, and love to the forefront.