Doll Face by Tim Curran

Doll Face - Tim Curran

It's all in your mind. Stokes, the town, no longer exists due to a fire. Sound familiar? Yet six friends find themselves trapped there. Does being trapped in a town that doesn't exist, that was, burned to the ground, ring a bell? Okay, let's keep going. The group soon find themselves separated and they get their first glimpses at the parts a pieces of dolls and mannequins. They want you to be part of them. All you have to do is listen to them and everything will be okay. I'm not going to spoil the book for you. However, when you have little minion dolls, there is always a god-like leader with their own disillusioned reasons for the way things work. The Controller and other bosses in this read don't want to let anyone go. They want you to become a part of them. Literally. Gah! You still can't figure out what movie or game comes to mind? Does no one play video games? Fine, I'll give you the answer: Silent Hill. The last movie even had a mannequin spider type thing in it collecting human body parts. I'm not saying Mr. Curran got it from that movie, that's just where my imagination took me. If it's a shout-out to it: Awesome! I've always said that Mr. Curran is very talented and has major atmospheric and descriptor writing skills, I'm just waiting on the one that will blow me out of the park. This read started out in-your-face but once the dolls showed themselves so much, they, and the story had less of a horror impact. Doll Face settles nicely into the "that's a good one" category. Don't like dolls and want to be creeped out? I'd definitely try this one on for size.