Screwed Every Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday by J.S. Reinhardt

Screwed Every Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday - J.S. Reinhardt

Sing it with me! When you're sliding into third and you feel a juicy ________--STOP! That word right there. The one you just inserted. Yeah, this book is filled with moments where that word is the meal of the day, where it is revered, and dare I say, a turn on for some of the characters in this well-written, atrocious read. Be prepared. There is no lubrication . You will not slide easily into this read. Every word you read will be friction on your brain. It's rough and it's dirty. There's one story that involves a dead body and maggots that...well, it was disturbing. There are plenty of violated orifices for you to explore fully and in depth as this author cares not a whit for your sensibilities. I would be reading a story and think, "this is the grossest one" and then the next one would come and I would feel the need to blow chunks. This man deserves a crown! Seriously though, if you like the bizarre and the extreme, I think this may push you to your limit. *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*