Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs

I think the story focusing so much on Charles potentially losing himself and no one really listening but his lovely Anna started us off on the wrong path. It lasted way too long and anyone with compassion would tell someone who is stressed to take a break or find something that is relaxing to take your mind of things.

That brings us to the case of serial killers. Werewolves are being targeting so Anna and Charles were requested to help out the FBI hoping they could shine some light on the case and how to deal with their species.

Long story short, they step right into the eyesight of the killer. Charles and Anna have drifted apart yet, nothing makes you realize the lengths you'll go to for the one you love until that person is in danger then everything else becomes unimportant.

Patricia does angst pretty well, but something was missing from this story. Maybe it was the info dumps and overly chatty moments or the slow pacing, but I was in no hurry to finish it, yet I rushed anyway just so I could moves past it.

Just a "middle of the road" read for me. It lacked luster.