{Review} Mr. Monster by Dan Wells

Mr. Monster - Dan Wells

Is a killer a monster if they only kill bad people? What would you do to keep your child from thinking bad thoughts, from fully embracing the sociopath that he or she is?


In book 2 John talks about his "Monster" and basically the rules he and his mother have made to keep him from going off the deep end.


The story had a good flow and could easily be read in a sitting or two.


While the story of John Cleaver progressed, it did so in the most minimalist way possible. The baddie in this read was, not necessarily out of the blue, but seemed to give away his secrets too easily and therefore the climax had a little less impact.


If your kid likes to choke frogs or tear off butterfly wings, I'd let him skip this. There's no sense in giving him/her a study manual.


*3 Demon-possessed stars*