{Review} Tortures of the Damned by Hunter Shea

Tortures of the Damned - Hunter Shea

One day the world is rocked. By a bomb? Who knows. Power and communications are downs. The electronic they we enjoys so much are useless. Cars are now monuments of days just passed. The security of your home, no longer a place of comfort, just temporary safety. 

The Padilla and their neighbors, who camped out in an underground bunker while the world and its inhabitants went through a transformation, were saved from certain death.

After days of being cooped up together, the group decides to venture out into unknown territory where humans are the lowest beings on the totem pole and animals, of all kinds, are thirsty for their blood.

Maybe death would have been an easier fate.


With a title like that, you know going in that the story is not going to be easy. The characters are most likely going to have to deal with some crazy situations, and indeed they did. 

A good story for horror and Apocalyptic readers alike. Tortures of the Damned definitely had a mainstream feel to it. It appealed to my love of darker fiction involving blood and guts. There were a few progression issues where I felt paragraphs and/or whole conversations could have been deleted completely. TotD shined in the second half by upping the consequences.

Hunter Shea did a fairly good job overall and his use of short chapters really helped keep a sense of urgency going right until the end of the book. I do wish he would have stopped a few pages early to make a more definitive ending.

This was my first Hunter Shea read and I'll be sure to check out his future works.