Dark Layers (Volume 1)

Dark Layers (Volume 1) - A.L.  Gray Anile is a confused chit who considers herself strong, but is easily manipulated and her anger is easily diffused.

Mr. Dark is dangerous and serial-killer stuff-you-in-my-refrigerated-closet scary and did not contain an ounce of sexiness. Dude needed to be on a leash.

This read was awkward from the very beginning and the main reason for that was that the characters were not written consistently. Anile was all over the place, a mass of contradiction, just like the writing itself.

The author needed to let this one stew and flesh out the characters...a lot. The plot, if it could be called that, was very thin.

I honestly can not recommend this to anyone in its current state.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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