Pandemic (Infected, #3)

Pandemic (Infected, #3) - Scott Sigler Margaret Montoya saved the world from aliens in Contagious, but the decision she made killed many and the lives lost still weigh heavily on her.
Clarence Otto, Margaret's husband, has watched her wither away, no longer the confident woman he once new, taking her abuse, until he decides to call it quits.
Margaret's barely able to digest his words when the phone rings and Clarence and Margaret are pulled back into a situation they both thought was over and done.
The aliens left a nasty surprise behind and it's just been unleashed on the human race.
Time is not on their side as they race to slow an infection that can bring about the apocalypse.

This read started off on an emotional note that drew me in and it carried through to the end of the story.
Each fully-fleshed character has their own problems to deal with concerning the infection and I, at one point, was invested in them all.
Tim, one of the characters that worked with Margaret, tended to play around too much although it may have been intended to lessen the seriousness of the situation, but it happened enough for me to comment on it.
The writing was superb and I was able to breeze through this lofty read with no problems or misunderstandings.
There is a lot of medical talk and time spent on the scientific end of things, mainly at the beginning so, if that's an issue, stick with it, as the pace picks up considerably as more of the plot unfolds, and things become more alarming as time passes and the effect this pathogen has on humans is identified. It's worse than you think.
I loved what the author did with one of the characters, but I wish the character I'm speaking of would have had more time to do more damage or cause more conflict, not that there wasn't enough already.
I don't want to give anything away so I'll leave it at that.
Overall, it was a totally satisfying read that I can easily recommend to others who like apocalyptic medical thrillers.

I did not read the second book and was able to smoothly slip into this story with no problems.

**I was provided with an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review.**

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