Rise of the Horde (Zombie Attack! #1)

Rise of the Horde (Zombie Attack! #1) - Devan Sagliani Xander was to wait for his brother Moto to return for him when zombies attack. Now Xander has to fend for himself against gangs, cannibals, religious zealots, and more on his quest to find his brother. Along the way he meets a young boy and an on-screen idol, Felicity. Their journey may no longer be a lonely one, but it is no less dangerous.

To be fair, I'm not necessarily a fan of a lot of teen reads. The book flowed at a decent pace, but I didn't connect with the characters. I understood their motivation and angst, there was just nothing bonding me to them. The writing was clean. This is a Devan Sagliani tale after all. It was the content of the story that I wasn't very excited about. I like it, it just didn't have that "umph" of a more mature read.

If you liked Jonathan Maberry's Rot and Ruin, you'll like this.

*I was given a copy of this in exchange for and honest review*