The Revenant Road

The Revenant Road - Michael Boatman 2.5 stars

Obadiah Grudge, a writer, has just learned of his father's death and that's he's been living a secret life. His father was a monster hunter and now, so is he, whether he wants to be or not.

This reminded me a bit of a Gregory Lamberson without the depth. There was wit. There was random action. There were some funny one-liners. There was some WTH moments, but most of all, the main character was either in denial or just wimping-out for 73 percent of the book which did not make you sympathetic to his plight. He only manned-up at the end and I laughed when he did because it didn't fit. I'm guessing this is supposed to be a "funny" book, and me and funny horror don't do too well (unless it's on the big screen), especially when it's spoof-y like this one.

It was a little better than "okay."