Population Zero

Population Zero - Wrath James White,  Jerrod Balzer,  Christie White Yeah, we know how it feels
when the passion is running high.
Your dick's so hard,
you're wet between your thighs.
A tongue-fest, caress.
Hands fumbling.
Lips to chest.
Grab hold lest
you fall forever, together.
The same music playing in your ears.
Sinking into one another.
Your friend, your lover.
Oh, God, you're burning, busting up inside.
You close your eyes, hear cries.
His leg between your thighs.
Grind on it. Sigh.
He's telling you comforting lies.
Yes, Daddy, it's yours you say,
as he's undressing you, vexing you.
Taking too long to get into you.
An explosion occurs, whirs, scrambles your mind
as you touch breast to breast, flesh to flesh,
and you can no longer contain the need, the longing,
the desire to give and to get, to thrust to rush.
You moan in ecstasy and he growls in your ear.
Go deeper, you can take, harder, no fear.
You're riding the orgasm, you can feel it, it's near.
He's puffing and breathing, and smacking' your rear.
Muscles flexing, nails biting, fighting for a hold.
He screams, you scream, you both lose control.
Your thigh muscles quiver and his kiss sends a shiver
up your spine, so divine, what a winner.
He watches you shower away his spend seed.
You watch him walk away, walk away and leave.
Should have know better. You knew it. You did.
Nine months later you're having his kid.
You didn't want it, but you did.
Thought a fairy tale would you be in.
That he would happily agree and be the man you need
bouncing Jr. joyously on his knee.
Instead he's not calling, out ballin',
wishing he could flee, be free,
of this ball and chain you turned out to be.
You cry your crocodiles tears, but it changes nothing.
Year after year you keep going, strugglin' sufferin'.
All for nothing because in the end,
You spread your legs for his friend.
Damn...Pregnant again.

by Nikki

This read was harsh.

Todd works at the Welfare office and flips one day and tries to reduce the population. He's tired of giving out food stamps to drug addicts and multiple offenders(people that can't afford the children they have, but keep having more). He's got figures in his head of how much money and food a person uses and consumes and goes on a crusade to stop some of it from happening.