D.O.A. II - Extreme Horror Collection

D.O.A. II - Extreme Horror Collection - J.S. Reinhardt, Wrath James White,  Jack Ketchum,  Robert Devereaux,  David Quinn,  Monica J. O'Rourke,  Shane McKenzie,  Daniel I. Russell,  Raymond Little,  Laura J. Campbell,  Calie Voorhis,  Thomas Pluck,  Ken MacGregor,  Kristopher Triana,  Harper Hull,  Joshua Do 3 Stars - The Devouring - Damn. How do you rate something you're not into? The writing was solid. The couple, from my point of view, are twisted-sick, and are into some stomach-clenching, asphyxiation shit. If you dig that snuff stuff this may be for you.

5 Stars- If Memory Serves by Jack Ketchum- Multiple personalities. Some secretss should stay just that.

5 Stars- Scream and I'll Come To You by Raymond Little- Maybe they should have used another symptom instead of screaming. Too easy to misunderstand.

4 Stars- Real Dino Shit- A pregnant zombie? Cool story.

5 Stars- Finger Cuffs by Matt Kurtz- The prey becomes the predator.

4 Stars- Annointed by D. Lynn Smith- Plumbing the drains of sin.

3 Stars- Home by J.F Gonzalez- A solid story, but nothing horrific.

4 Stars- Road Kill by Monica J. O'Rourke- That was sick!

3 Stars- A Scalene Love Triangle by Kerry G.S. Lipp- Everyone gets off

2 Stars- Bordertown by Laura Campbell- Don't worry be healthy

2 Stars- One Flesh by Robert Devereaux

3 Stars- Telescopic by Harper Hull

2 Stars - Sexy by Wrath James White- When I die, I wanna be remembered as....

5 Stars- Threads by Calie Voorhis- Gross

2 Stars- Burn the Witches by K. Trap Jones

4 Stars- Under the Pretext of Propensity by Anton Cancre- Beware underage fantasizing! Nice ending.

2 Stars- Every Drop of Blood Has a Soul by David Quinn

5 Stars- Dr. Scabs and The Hags of El Cajon by Robert Essig- Drugs and scabs. What an odd combination.

5 Stars- STD by David Berstein- So freaking nasty!

3 Stars - Fat Boy by Kelly Hudson

4 Stars- The Pubic Hair Tumbleweed by Joshua Dobson- Too short, but original.

3 Stars- The Proud Mother by Ken MacGregor- A dead man's baby.

3 Stars- Game of Golf by Gregory Norris

3 Stars- Slice of Life by Thomas Pluck

3 Stars- Stud Service by J S Reinhardt

3 Stars- Give Me Something good to Eat by Shane McKenzie

3 Stars- Linger by Daniel Russell

3 Stars- Skunk Jr by John McNee

A really extreme horror read with some very talented authors. Some of them are new to me and I will be looking to see what else they have written.

Recommended for those who can stomach dark and twisted reads.