Ghosts in the Attic

Ghosts in the Attic - Mark Allan Gunnells Over and under,
does the wind blow.
It wavers and whispers
of secrets unknown.
Human ears need not hear.
Animals sound and chase when near.
Ghosts and spirits do they fear.

by Nikki

2 stars- 9/11

3 stars- Seed - Don't swallow watermelon seeds.

1 star- A Hell of a Deal- A deal gone sour.

4 stars- The Delivery Boy- Payment is due.

2 stars- Wasted on the Young- Meh

2 stars- Perry Davis Makes a Comeback- a ghost of an actor doesn't like the person who is playing him in a film about his life.

2 stars- The Ghost of Winnie Davis Hall- A myth made real by believing.

2 stars- Revolution of Sound

3 stars- Circular-

1 star- A Stranger Comes to Lipscomb Street

2 stars- Finders Keepers

2 stars- A Stroll Down Grace Street at Twilight

2 stars- The Moon I'm a Ziploc Baggie

2 stars- A Boy Named October

It is whay it is and it's not for me