Poisoning Eros Book I & II

Poisoning Eros Book I & II - Wrath James White,  Monica J. O'Rourke Abomination

by Nikki

I was disappointed in this read. After I got past the drug, sex, and bestiality of the first part, I really thought the story would pick up and give me something to root for. However, that did not happen. This is a story of heaven and hell. (Some descriptions were well done.) Can one exist without the other? Can one seek redemption through sacrifice? Lots of why's with no real answers. The main character, Gloria, is all types of wrong and is used, abused, ridiculed, and a weakling (even when she is a demon) who never really changes throughout the story. I needed a reason to like this read, to root for a good guy, or a really cool bad one, but was unable to do so. It was the same, 'God save me,' well forget him then, he hasn't been there for me, go-around that ultimately made me not like this read. You don't get something for nothing and in my opinion, you don't give ultimatums to someone you want mercy from. In the end this repetition of contrition meant nothing and in the words of the main character Gloria;

"It made no sense at all. Everything she'd been through, all the pain, all the struggle. What did it all mean? What was the point?

At the end of this read that is exactly what I was thinking. Not recommended. Dayum~