Lineage: A Supernatural Thriller

Lineage: A Supernatural Thriller - Joe Hart Mommy? Why he hurt me so?
Am I a good boy, Mommy?
I need to know.

Mommy. Mommy? Why he be so rough?
Throw you down, punch you and stuff?

Mommy, please, just take me away.
I hate you, hate you for making us stay.

Mommy. Mommy. I see you've grown strong.
Thank you. Thank you for taking me along.

Mom-my! I cried out in need.
We didn't make it.
My heart bleeds, bleeds, bleeds.

by Nikki

2 1/2 Stars

The first 2 chapters are a story unto themselves. It could have been a fantastic suspense filled short story. A 5 STAR one at that. I was tense, I was anxious. I felt it.
Let me start by saying the chapters are long. You might not pay attention to things like that, but I do. It has a lot to do with the pacing of a read. Some authors have things happen right at the end of one, teasing you, and you can't wait to find out what happens in the next chapter. The author was long-winded and each chapter is a piece of the story that is dragged on. The vibe of the story diminished with every extra detail he gave.
The middle of the book was missing tension. There were no big build-ups, just twist and turns. When the action did happen, it was not embellished, but glossed over and we were moving on in record time.
Flaws - The grandma who hasn't spoken in however-odd years spoke like a seasoned English teacher just like Lance and was also long-winded for one with such rusty pipes.
The ghosts were awfully chatty taking away from the creep factor.

The ending was alright.

I wish the whole book was like the beginning. I will most likely try another read by this author to see if his writing has grown/changed.