Legally Wed

Legally Wed - Rick R. Reed
Duncan wanted to be married so bad that he sprung the question on his lover, Tucker. Tucker didn't realize Duncan thought their relationship was more than it was and immediately said no, dashing Duncan's dreams of getting married.
Duncan decides to put an ad in the paper to marry a female and from there Duncan goes on a journey to find out who he really is and what he deserves in life.
This read was not romantic to me. Over half of the book was Duncan befriending Marilyn and seeing if they were compatible with one another. Duncan is still all gay, but would like to be married. They are great friends, but Marilyn's feelings blur from friend, to something more.
Things get complicated when Duncan meets Peter and Duncan begins to question his decision of marrying Marilyn.
This was a very simple read and the relationships were a bit unrealistic and rushed. I couldn't get past the point that these two people would not admit to each other that it was a bad idea to get married, even when ones feelings were hurt.
It was difficult for me to appreciate these characters, but they stayed true to their role. The plot was promising and the writing was solid. I just needed more logical reasoning behind the character's actions and more of Duncan and Peter to really call this a romance.

*I was given an ARC of this read in exchange for an honest review*