The Evolutionist

The Evolutionist - Rena Mason I must present myself as together in the face of the vultures who watch and wait for me to stumble.
Walk away, behind my back, do they mumble.

I am surrounded by people, faces, family, and friends.
Yet I am alone with the voices whom real life contends.

I am told to open my eyes and realize who I am and who I'm not. I forget. I forgot.

I love my family or at least I think I do, but in my dreams I hurt them, I hurt too.

The voices whisper to me and what they say does appeal. When I touch my son all I feel is surreal.

Things are changing, rearranging, causing me to see a new sight. I must leave, live on, make new memories this night.

by Nikki~

This read was based on the ins and outs of Stacy's life and how and why the things in her life were changing. It took quite a while for me to get a grasp on what was happening. Once I did, I was able to settle back and enjoy the story this author wanted to express. I think I was expecting an apocalyptic tale with blood and guts, but I got more of a self-exploration read.
I read. I liked. It was different.