Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night - Heidi Belleau, Ally Blue, Sam Schooler, Brien Michaels, Peter  Hansen, Kari Gregg, Rachel Haimowitz, Laylah Hunter These tales have tails that slither between your legs and seek entrance to your cave, demanding you become a slave to their machinations. Come hither as they cause you to quiver, weaving their way past your defenses. They're relentless in their pursual to take by force what you have before given freely. They are very needy, but you need them more. They are witch-y in their ways, giving and taking, they play, but in the end, it is not only you who will fall to sin. The demons and dead play hard. They play to win.

These stories were dark and not-so-delicious. We were reading about monsters with tentacles entering and invading. Not a particular fantasy of mine, but for those who like the idea of slippery secretions, this might just be for you.

In Laylah's story, we read of Josef who arrives at a mortuary to cast a spell, commanding his lover Adel to return to him. Once returned, Adel has a craving for more than just Josef's touch.

Kari Gregg wrote a tale of a monster in the lake whose tentacles are used for more than just pleasing the occasional passerby. There is non-consent in this one.

Ally Blue gives us Noah. Noah has sailed to an island where he becomes stranded and owned by the land's inhabitant; a siren. Used as a sex slave and mesmerized by this god, Noah's need of him surpasses his own thoughts of safety until he's no longer near him. Noah has to fight to not fall back under his spell.

There are more stories of sin, seductions, and submission for those with a particular fetish. Great writing and entertaining, albeit, dark stories.

*I received an ARC in return for a honest review*